Who we are

Standard Bank is not an abstract legal entity. We are our people.

And our people have a distinct culture – a way of thinking and behaving.

To help us embody this culture in everything we do, we’ve come up with six attributes: expertise, opportunity, integrity, collaboration, performance and growth.

These attributes explain what we believe in collectively. They also guide our behaviour and give us a shared frame of reference for what matters most to us.

Ultimately, these are qualities we want our business to stand for.

But each of them starts with you.

Hear from our people

Our values
Helping people grow is one of Standard Bank’s top priorities, and our employees agree! With many opportunities for career advancement in a variety of areas within the bank and the presence of a warm & engaging environment, we have created a space where our employees strive to constantly raise the bar.

Benefits and diversity
Standard Bank is a melting pot of diverse nationalities from all around the world. Because we take pride in taking the best care of our employees, our aim is to provide superior benefits – one of the many reasons people are drawn to the bank.

Innovation at Standard Bank
Standard Bank is constantly innovating to provide clients with a pleasurable, seamless banking experience.
What an exciting place to be for our teams working hard to conquer the future of our institution!

Our IT people,

What we offer

We say it all starts with you and we mean it.

We’re not looking to recruit the best and brightest because your diplomas look good on the wall. We want to put your talents to work and see what great things they can accomplish.

Ultimately, we want to push you to reach your potential.

Because when you win, we win.

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