The gateway to trading derivatives and investment products is to first understand the general landscape in which they operate, their sophisticated features and how to apply them for your financial advantage.

With Standard Online Share Trading, you can actively transact a wide range of listed JSE Limited products, which we continuously evolve to add even more choice within your investment portfolio.

The better you understand the product you are trading, the more success you will achieve. Learn more about your favourite product, or read up on a brand new one by clicking on a product name below.


Investing in shares for the long term is a solid way to create wealth. Although it carries risk, it also carries the potential for reward. If you’re ready and willing to invest your hard-earned cash today for a better future tomorrow, you’ll need a blueprint for doing so.


Warrants are available in both calls and puts, allowing investors to take advantage of positive and negative movements in an underlying share.

Covered calls

Covered calls are used by a wide range of investors and traders to enhance the returns of their portfolios. A covered call strategy entails an investor writing (selling) a call option over shares they already own.

Share instalments

Share instalments are instruments that allow investors to gain exposure to some of the JSE Limited’s leading companies.


Futures contracts can be hard-working additions to almost any portfolio. They provide a way to hedge the risk to which shares expose a portfolio and to speculate when the belief is that prices of shares will change.

Contracts for difference

CFDs provide investors with the ability to gear (leverage) their investment, while avoiding many of the costs of trading in the underlying instrument. Long or short trades can be executed easily and cost-effectively.

Exchange Traded Products

Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) are JSE-listed instruments that track the performance of a single underlying asset, a specific index, or a basket of underlying assets. Typically known as tracker products, ETNs provide investors with a rand-based product to gain exposure to the performance of the underlying in question.
ETNs, typically known as tracker products, therefore provide investors with a rand-based product to gain exposure to the performance of the underlying in question.

Tax Free Investing

SBG Securities Proprietary Limited (SBG Sec) ** has launched a Tax Free Savings and Investment Account (TFSA) giving you the opportunity to invest in selected JSE listed instruments tax-free!

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