Fees and costs

Standard Online Share Trading offers affordable online trading fees.
As a value-added service, we offer free education on investing in shares and derivatives. We also offer training on a number of key products, such as share instalments and contracts for difference (CFDs).

As a value-added service, we offer free education on investing in shares and derivatives. We also offer training on a number of key products, such as share instalments and CFDs.

Low administrative costs
Service Cost Inclusions
Account maintenance R105 per month
  • One free calendar month upon registration.

  • No administration fee after three trades within a calendar month. Two of the trades must be done on a non-TFIA account

  • This fee entitles you to:
    • Unlimited access to the site
    • Limited live share prices
    • Safe custody of your shares
  • Excellent educational resources and investor courses.
  • Withdrawals R4.56 (including VAT)
  • Per single withdrawal from either a Money Account or a share trading account to your bank account.
  • Full Portfolio transfers R62.23 (including VAT)
  • The fee to transfer to another broker per share holding.
  • Partial Portfolio transfers R113.76 (including VAT)
  • The fee to transfer only certain shares to another broker per share holding.
  • Early settlement 0.25%
    R39.90 minimum (including VAT)
  • The fee applicable to unsettled funds of share transactions. These are available for withdrawal one business day after the trade. Please contact us to request early settlement.
  • Phone trades R35 (excluding VAT)
  • Applicable to all successful orders placed via our call centre and matched in the market.
  • ViewPoint 2 Month Free Trial Package
  • ViewPoint is a next generation, low-bandwidth, web-based market data, trading and portfolio solution. This platform allows you to monitor the market, make decisions and trade multiple asset classes, making trading easy for everyone.
  • What you get: 15-minute delayed prices, Portfolio viewing, no trading allowed.
  • Basic Package R85.00
    (Including VAT)
  • 15-minute delayed pricing. Portfolio Viewing and Trading allowed.
  • Live Level 1 Package R175.00 (Including VAT)
  • Live Pricing Level 1 depth. Portfolio viewing and trading allowed.
  • Live Level 5 Package R195.00 (Including VAT)
  • Live Level 5 - Live Pricing Level 5 depth. Portfolio viewing and trading allowed.
  • Internal Share Transfers R34.20
  • Per counter fee to transfer stock to another account held at SBG Securities.
  • Cost Price Change R11.40
  • Per counter cost to amend the recorded cost price of a holding.
  • Adhoc file/data Requests R50
    (Excl VAT)
    Per request for data/files not originated from the website.
    Competitive brokerage fees

  • Brokerage is negotiable for clients trading volumes of R500,000 or more per month.
  • A reduced brokerage rate of 0.4% applies to Standard Bank Private Banking Suite clients.
  • Product Costs
  • Headline brokerage rate of 0.5%
  • R105* minimum applies.
  • Contracts for difference (CFD)
  • Fixed brokerage fee of R50**.

  • Market-makers commission of 0.35% will be incurred per transaction.

  • The exit leg of positions opened and closed on the same day will incur a reduced market-makers commission of 0.20% as a day trader’s account.
  • Index futures
  • R12.50 per contract plus VAT
  • Commodity futures
  • 0.1% of the value of the underlying contract**

  • R105 minimum applies**
  • Currency futures
  • R15** per contract plus VAT
  • Warrants and share instalments
  • A flat brokerage fee of R50** per deal (if traded in a warrants account):
    • Applies no matter how large your warrants deal is
    • NO STT is charged on warrant trades
    • Note: Normal shares cannot be traded in a warrants account.
  • Single stock futures (SSF)
  • A brokerage rate of 0.4% will be incurred per transaction with a minimum of R105**.
  • Covered calls
  • A flat brokerage fee of R50**.

  • * Excludes VAT and statutory taxes (Securities Transfer Tax @ 0.25% on purchases, Investor Protection Levy @ 0.0002% and Strate less than R200 000 @ R11.58, R200 000 to R1 Million @ 0.005787%, Greater than R1 million @ R57.87.

    ** Excludes VAT.

    Statutory fees and taxes
    Service Fee type Costs
    Internet placed trades Brokerage
  • A 0.5% flat rate
  • A minimum of R105 (plus VAT) applies.
  • Securities Transfer Tax (STT)
  • 0.25%

  • Applies to share purchases only.
  • Strate
  • 0.005787% (excluding VAT) based on the value of the share transaction:
    • The minimum is R9.17 for trades with a value up to R158,400
    • The maximum is R80.84 for trades with a value over R1,397,000
  • This fee covers the electronic settlement of your share transactions through Strate, the electronic settlement authority.
  • FSB Investor Protection Levy 0.0002% on all trades.
    Affordable live share prices

    With Standard Online Share Trading you can obtain shares prices, indices quotes and portfolio updates at affordable rates.

    • Live share prices cost *19 cents per quote. This includes live share prices where market depth is shown (i.e. the five best bids and offers on the Trade and Quote pages).
    • Live share prices (no depth) cost 13* cents per quote. For example a latest price shown in a portfolio
    • Index quotes cost 11* cents per quote.

    Quotes are available (at the above charges) between 08:55 and 17:20 on market days only. Prices with a 15-minute delay are available free of charge 24 hours a day.

    To select the type of price you would like to receive, click on the LIVE or DELAYED button before requesting a share quote, index quote or portfolio update.

    “Quotes Bank”

    Your monthly subscription to Standard Online Share Trading includes R10 worth of live stock depth or index quotes, portfolio updates and SMS's. These are accumulated in a "Quotes Bank". This equates to either 66 live depth share quotes or 125 share quotes or 125 index quotes.

    It works as follows:

    Action “Quotes Bank” total
    Request a live share price (with depth) 19 cents*
    Refresh your portfolio or watch list Reduced by the number of shares in your portfolio multiplied by 13 cents*
    Request a live index update 11 cents*
    Receive a SMS alert 25 cents*
    Making the "Quotes Bank" work for you

    Completed trades
    You will automatically receive an additional R5 worth of quotes for every equity or CFD completed trade undertaken. This will be credited to your "Quotes Bank" the day after the trade is completed.

    Free quotes
    You are able to conveniently run your "Quotes Bank" account into debit. Every quote after the maximum number of quotes is free.

  • The maximum number of shares quotes that you will be charged for per month is:
    • 620 quotes with depth (Maximum R117.80) or
    • 760 quotes without depth (Maximum R98.80)
  • The maximum number of index quotes quotes that you will be charged for per month is:
    • 340 quotes (Maximum of R37.40)

  • You can also request us to debit your bank account once at the end of the month, together with the account maintenance fee - if applicable.

    If you have run your quotes bank into debit, the balance will be recovered from your trading account at month end over and above the monthly admin fees.


  • Any unused credits will be rolled over to the next month.
  • You can accumulate a maximum R100 of unused credits at any one time.

  • Please note:

    1. There is no maximum fee for SMS's. A 25 cent charge applies to all SMS's sent to you.
    2. Quotes are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable.

    Money Market Account – Minimum Net Balance

    Money Market Account – Minimum Net Balance
    A Minimum Net Balance is required to be maintained in the Money Market Account at all times. In the event that the Minimum Net Balance is not maintained, then the full balance will automatically be swept back to the clients JSET Account. Where any debit is processed on the trading account that results in the balance on the Money Market Account falling below the Minimum Net Balance, the credit balance will automatically sweep back to the JSET Account. If the purchase of a trade results in the available cash balance falling below the Minimum Net Balance, then the full amount of the credit balance will automatically sweep back to the JSET Account. In respect of the settlement of sales transactions, where the settlement on T+3 results in the combined value of the available funds (income and trading account) exceeding the Minimum Net Balance then the full amount will be swept from the JSET Account to the Money Market Account.

    To find out more details on any of our rates, please contact our call centre.

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