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At Standard Online Share Trading we believe that wealth begins with better knowledge and is the reason we offer various insightful guides, courses and presentations to our clients. The majority of our education is free, only advanced-level training is charged for. You can effortlessly access all the general information and expert opinion you need to trade and invest derivatives with confidence.

If you are brand new to equity trading, we encourage you to attend a free seminar to learn more about the general stock market. Please contact us to book for the next available course.

We also offer courses on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading skills, derivatives, including currency warrants, contracts for difference (CFD), warrants and share instalments. Start by reading more about investing on the JSE Limited here or click below find out more about our education programme below.

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If you want to experience our offering, view our demos to take a step-by-step tour of our trading platform and its advanced features


We have developed a broad repertoire of material over the past years. Our educational materials or courses are designed to suit all levels of investors and their interests. We recommend that you check back here from time to time to view course updates and new course topics

Trading tools

User-friendly tools and resources are available within our platform. These are at your disposal to guide your decisions and keep you in constant contact with both the latest market information and essential historical data

What are your banking details?

Detail Example
Bank Standard Bank
Account name SBG Securities
Branch Braamfontein
Branch code 00-48-05
Account number 000445266

Non-resident account holders please contact us for the bank details.

Please ensure that you write your Standard Online Share Trading account number (the 6 or 7 digits after seq) as the reference for your deposit.

Please note: Standard Bank branches do not accept cash deposits in the form of notes and coins into the Standard Online Share Trading bank account. Only cheques and electronic transfers are allowed.

What are your contact details?

Either send us a query from the website or contact one of our consultants directly.

We operate within the following hours:
Office hours 08h30 to 17h30
Equity market hours 09h00 to 17h00
ALSI futures SAFEX market 08h30 to 17h30

+27860 121 161 (South Africa only)
+27 11 415 5000 (International)
Phone calls will be suspended during the COVID-19 Lock-down. Please contact us via email.

+2786 625 3295

Postal address

Internet Accounts
P.O. Box 61309
Marshalltown, 2107
South Africa

Can I place and edit orders via the phone?
Yes, you can – at an additional charge of R35 plus VAT. Phone trades may be effected by calling our call centre . Click here for our contact details.
How are trades confirmed?
Trades are confirmed either via e-mail or SMS (25 cents) as soon as a trade is completed. You can choose how you would prefer to be notified.
Can I have more than one trading account?
You may open more than one trading account with Standard Online Share Trading and access each one with a single log on. For example, you may want to have a warrants account and a trading account. Only one monthly account maintenance fee is charged per client no matter how many accounts they have, provided they are linked to a single log on.
Can I open accounts in the name of a trust, a partnership, a company or a close corporation?
Accounts can be opened in the name of a trust, a partnership, a company, or a close corporation. When applying for a new account, simply select the type of account you would like to open. We will advise you of all the documentation that is required to open an account for each of these entities.
Do you report my trades and interest earned to SARS?
We issue an IT3 form which details the interest earned for the year on your Standard Online Share Trading account. This is then sent to the South African Revenue Services (SARS). We will also issue you with a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) report at the end of the financial year - which is not sent to the Receiver - to assist you in completing your tax return.
Why are my requests for funds not always granted on the same day?
If you have sufficient settled funds in your account we will endeavour to transfer your funds within 24 hours, as requested. If you have unsettled funds, these will only be available for withdrawal five (5) business days after the sell trade took place. If you experience problems withdrawing funds, please contact us.
How do I amend a trade?
In order to amend a trade you must first cancel it and then re-enter the trade. To cancel and replace a trade simply log onto the website and select the ONLINE TRADING menu followed by TRADE STATUS. Under OPTIONS select CANCEL. You can then replace the trade in the normal way. You can also amend or cancel a trade by contacting our call centre.
How much history is available on my account online?
Three months trading history is available online. We maintain trade records for the previous two years. Please contact us should you wish to review this history. You may be charged a fee to view this history.
How long does it take to open an account?
If all your documentation is in order, we will open an account for you within one to two (1 - 2) working days.
Where will my dividends be paid?
Your dividends will be paid directly into your Standard Online Share Trading account.
How do I transfer my account from another stock broker to Standard Online Share Trading?
Send a letter to your broker requesting your shares to be transferred to SBG Securities. In the letter, remember to quote your Standard Online Share Trading account number (the 6 or 7 digits after "seq").
I have Sanlam, Old Mutual, Telkom or other shares held at Computershare. How can I get these into my share trading account?
Please contact us we will send you the necessary forms and instructions to move these shares to your portfolio. Although Standard Online Share Trading does not charge for this, Computershare will charge a fee per holding to be moved.
Can I still sell shares through my branch?
No, shares cannot be sold through your Standard Bank branch.
Can I conduct bear or short sales?
This facility is not offered online. However, bear or short sales can be done using various derivatives such as ALSI futures, warrants, CFDs and SSFs. Please contact us for more information.
What is the JSE Securities Exchange?
The JSE Securities Exchange (JSE Limited or “JSE”) was formerly known as the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and changed its name in 2000.
What is JSE Trustees?
In terms of JSE rules, stockbrokers are not allowed to hold cash in clients’ accounts. Instead, this cash is held in a trust account named JSE Trustees, which is operated by the JSE Securities Exchange on behalf of the stock broking fraternity. Standard Online Share Trading also has a Money Account facility which is held in trust by Standard Bank to give its clients better interest on any cash not used for trading. For more details on the Money Account please click here.
Do I earn interest on cash balances in my trading account?
Interest is earned on any cash in your trading account at competitive money market-linked rates. Please contact our call centrefor more information or click here for the Money Account link.
Can I use Standard Bank’s Internet Banking to make transfers into my Standard Online Share Trading account?
Yes, you may use Standard Bank’s Internet Banking to transfer funds from your bank account into your Standard Bank Online Share Trading account. Inside the Internet Banking site, click on ACCOUNT PAYMENTS and select SBG Securities as a payment beneficiary. Then follow the instructions to make a payment/transfer. Telephone banking and the ATM can also be used to make payments and transfer funds.
Can I use the internet banking sites of other banks to make transfers into my Standard Online Share Trading account?
Yes, you can. Take note, however, that transfers may take up to three (3) days to appear in your Standard Online Share Trading account. If you transfer money from a non-Standard Bank account please send us Proof of Payment in order to credit your account timeously.
Can I make payments and view my portfolio via the Standard Bank Autoplus machine?
Yes. We can link your ATM card so that you are able to use any Standard Bank Autoplus machine to make payments into your Standard Online Share Trading account, view your portfolio and most recent transactions.
How do I link my ATM card?
Simply send an e-mail to [email protected] with your card number, first name, surname and your Standard Online Share Trading account number and we will link your ATM card.
Do you charge a monthly administration fee?
Yes, our monthly account maintenance fee of R110 (including VAT) includes: 1. Limited live shares prices 2. Safe custody of your shares 3. Free courses 4. Research 5. Online charting application
What are the benefits of having your shares held in a trading account?
There are a number of benefits to holding your shares in a Standard Online Share Trading account, including: 1. We automatically credit dividends to your account on their payable date 2. We close sales immediately 3. We handle all your corporate actions for you 4. You do not have to worry about dematerialising your scrip ahead of the implementation of Strate.
What is Strate?
Strate is the authorised Central Securities Depository (CSD) for the electronic settlement of all financial instruments in South Africa.
Who takes care of my corporate actions (e.g. dividends, share splits, etc.)?
Standard Online Share Trading will handle your corporate actions. You can elect how we manage your corporate actions, as cash or scrip, and whether you want to be contacted (this is recommended).
How many times can I try to log on to the site with the incorrect password before I am locked out?
You can attempt to log on to the site five (5) times with the incorrect password before the system will lock you out. If you are locked out, you will be required to reset your password. To do this, click on the FORGOTTEN PASSWORD link on our homepage and follow the instructions. If you experience further problems after this, please contact our call centre for assistance.
What do I do if I forget my password?
Please reset your password. To do this, click on the FORGOTTEN PASSWORD link on our homepage and follow the instructions. If you experience further problems after this, please contact our call centre for assistance.
How secure is online share trading?
Standard Online Share Trading is a trustworthy and secure site. Our software is completely up-to-date and all our communication is 128-bit encrypted. Only one person may be logged into your account at any time and we trace and record the connection every time you log on. You can select to be notified - either via e-mail or SMS - each time your account is accessed.
What are your system requirements?
We recommend IE7 (or higher), Mozilla 3 or (higher) and a screen resolution of at least 800 x 600.
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Phone calls will be suspended during the COVID-19 Lock-down. Please contact us via email.

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Phone calls will be suspended during the COVID-19 Lock-down. Please contact us via email.

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